Corporate Information

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Expand our oil palm plantation business

  • Focus on new plantings and expanding our current planted area
  • Accumulate additional land bank
  • Acquire high-yielding mature plantations

Expand production capacity, improve efficiency and product quality

  • Build two additional palm oil mills in Kalimantan to cater for the expected increase in our future sales volume
  • Increase CPO oil extraction rates by utilising the latest proven technology
  • Improve transportation system and existing supporting infrastructure

Develop seed production capability

  • Develop own seed processing capability to control and ensure a steady supply of high quality germinated seeds
  • Build the seed processing facilities close to our plantations to lower transportation costs and minimise spoilage of the germinated seeds
  • Develop a core plantation of parent oil palms trees to provide seeds for our seed processing facilities

Develop our bulking and logistics services and renewable biomass power generation business

  • Increase the amount of services we provide to third party customers
  • Add a double-hull vessel to the two barges we currently operate
  • Build renewable biomass power plants in Kalimantan when appropriate or commercially viable and sell the carbon credits attributable to these future CDM projects